‘Tis the Season. (Yes, I know.)

I know, I know the season is over but this advice is good all year. Be safe, have fun, and use your best judgement. (Note: It is not good when you have to start any sentence with “Well officer what had happened was….” Not good at all. Sorry mom;) Of course, I’m kidding, they dropped the charges. Anyhoo.

To take a break from the coincidental series on the ethereal creatures of the night, I wanted to share with you a heart warming tale of a young lady who belives ’tis better to give than to receive. Well, she does receive but that’s neither here nor there. And she is not selfish… oh no…She gives to everybody: men, women, boyfriends, boyfriends’ best friends, girlfriend’s girlfriend, neighbors, and even strangers. (Note: In my humble opinion, when you are physically as close as you can be to another person, save for childbirth and cannibalism, you are pretty familiar. Even if you don’t know each other’s name.)

Eva, the First of Lady of Sin by Storm is a book of lust, love, lust, lost, lust, passion, lust, pain, lust, self-discovery, and did I mention lust?  Not sure. Wait a minute. Yes, yes I did. And the gift that keeps on giving….herpes.  It is also a coming of age tale. We follow Eva  as she discovers the pleasures of the flesh and all the goodness it entails for her: love, closeness, gifts, and financial security. Now I ain’t saying she a gold digger but….she does has an occasional fractured Beauty and the Beast complex. There was an instance where she was not attracted to a gentleman caller because he lived with his mom, was kind of dull, not really her physical type, and a little needy. When she finds out his living arrangements are only temporary because his mansion was almost completed. As if by MAGIC, he transforms before her eyes. Suddenly he is handsome, creative, interesting, and they had a lot in common. And was the best lover she ever had. Riiiiiiiiight.   She also discovers the devastation that the pleasures of the flesh can wrought on the selfish and unprepared: well herpes for one, heartbreak, unexpected pregnancies, and worst of all loss of financial security. (Now I ain’t saying she a gold digger but…. Naw, I’m playing, she’d give it away for free and she has over and over again. )

The interludes are very very steamy. (However, in my head, my brain keeps screaming was DID CONDOMS NOT EXIST IN 2007!?! Is no one frightened of the herpes? Not one? Are all those commercials true? You too can go mountain climbing and horseback riding and swimming and running through the flowers, even if you don’t do any of it now, you will when you need this medicine.) At the end of the book, there was a disclaimer that this book is pure fiction and urges the reader to be safe when you are giving your gifts to another and provided some website that gave more information about STDs and where to get tested.

And so my dear readers, in all seriousness, though the steamy situations in the books that I read about may sound good in theory;  it probably won’t translate well, if at all in actual practice Please remember that in the real world there are physical and emotional consequences for reckless behavior. But I know you all are smart enough to know that already.

But for those who do not know. Now you know (and knowing is half the battle ! GI JOE!!! Sorry, couldn’t help myself)

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