Too Busy to Read? Read this!

There’s a great little book that is the perfect antidote for those who just can’t seem to make time to read. Smith Magazine, an online literary journal, asked their readers to submit 6 word memoirs which they gathered on their website and subsequently published. Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure: From Smith Magazine gets right to the point!

This is a wonderful book to pick up for a few minutes — or an hour — if you can spare the time. Some of the memoirs are succinct or pithy while others are humorous, poignant or thought provoking. Here’s an example of one that might make you think, “I still make coffee for two”. Did the writer’s loved one die or was he lamenting a relationship gone bad?

There’s something for everyone here. Well known people like Joan Rivers, Stephen Colbert and Mario Batali contributed as well as children of famous people and ordinary people like you and me. This endeavor met with such success that there are now all sorts of 6 word memoir lists on the Smith Magazine website at including Six Words on the Green Life and Six word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak.

Stay tuned for our 8 word book review blogs coming soon. The Matchmaker bloggers will be writing some short and snappy reviews but we are much too wordy to review a book in just 8 words!

You can read about it here.

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  1. […] Enter the 8 word book review! Starting the first week in November the Heights Library Matchmakers will be offering 8 word reviews on our Twitter page.These reviews will be loosely patterned after Smith Magazine’s Six Word Memoirs but with 25% more content! See our previous post here. […]

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