Never too old to…well…um learn?

 Jim and Louella’s Homemade Heart-Fix Remedy taught me three things. One, you are never to old to learn. Two, communication involves listening and learning when to speak and not speak. Three, I think I am only going to eat on TV trays at my parent’s house from here on out. No, no I’m serious.

Jim and Louella’s Homemade Heart-Fix Remedy by Bertrice Berry is a blend of Zane-esque interludes, a little supernatural, a lot of humor, and your parents.  Yes I said it. Your parents. (Wait don’t go!)  Okay not “your” parents but the book is about an older couple, Jim and Louella, who have lost the spice in their relationship. To figure out how to remedy the situation, Louella consults her ancestors who visit her in her sleep. (Which I think is the best way to visit the living, except for the bathroom but I am getting off track here.)

They tell her how to rekindle the flame. They give her a four part remedy. The first part was to talk about what they liked and what they missed from one another. The other three parts were how to put that discussion into action. (I will not go into detail here but it is somewhat like your mom telling you a story about her and daddy that you definitely Do Not want to hear over breakfast because (as we all know) the best time for that type of talk is never.)

After the flame is reignited, they discover that they have a new ability to read minds. (Who knew that applying “love secrets” can give you super powers?) They use their newfound gifts to help others in need. Through loving one another, “loving” one another, helping others find what they need, and a double portion of good communication,  Jim and Louella rekindle their passion for one another and ultimately find their  true purpose in life.

I loved this book. However, at times, I wasn’t sure if I was giggling because I was uncomfortable or if it was really funny.  A little of both, I think.  I also like a book in which I can get something out of it besides entertainment and  warm eyebrows.  (Well sometimes.)

I actually did  learn something. Good communication is powerful, important, and necessary in maintaining a relationship of any kind.  Knowing when to not to speak can be just as important as what you say. Sometimes the best advise you can give is no advice at all. Usually, Jim and Louella do not give advice.  They allow those they help to use them as a sounding board until they find the answer on their own.  In my own experience, most of the time I just need someone to listen.  In just being able to vocalize my issues, without judgement or opinion, I will usually find an answer to my own questions….eventually. But when I do receive input I did not ask for, more often than not, I will not only make the decision opposite of whatever the advice was given but do it with white hot passions that have shaken foundations to their very cores. (I’m sorry mommy ;)) Oh well, you are never too old to learn. Now if you will excuse me, I will be comparing prices on TV trays. No, no, I’m serious  �

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