Today we had a fantastic time reading books about trucks! There are so many kinds of trucks that children love: dump trucks, pickup trucks, even toy trucks!

Our first book was:

Where’s My T-R-U-C-K?

Where's My T-r-u-c-k?

Words by Karen Beaumont; Pictures by David Catrow

We went on to play a game of trash pickup using this rhyme here:

Dump trucks, dump trucks,

Cleaning up the town.

Do you see any____ trash lying around?

** I ripped up scrap pieces of colored construction paper (red, blue, orange, and green) and passed them out to the group. We chanted the phrase 3 different times, each time referring to a new color. When their color “trash” was called they came up to throw it away in the box I used as a ‘dump truck’.  They loved doing this!


Our next book for the morning was:

Chuck’s Truck

Chuck's Truck

Words and Pictures by Peggy Perry Anderson

The children really got a kick out of this one, because it involves lots of crowd participation.

Of course for our craft we made trucks. I did not supply a sample, because I wanted to see what the children would create on their own. Here are a few photos:

For more great picture books about trucks, please click here. 

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