University Heights Branch Flood FAQs

What happened?

The flooding began on the lower level of the University Heights Branch on Saturday, August 27 and has increased as time has passed. At this time, we are not certain what has been causing the flooding. Library Administration has been communicating with the City of University Heights as well as the Cleveland Water Department to determine what could be causing these issues. We have hired a remediation company and they have been working on the issue every day, but the flooding continues.

Were any library materials damaged?

Thankfully, no. University Heights Branch staff worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of library materials, moving nearly 14,000 items from the lower level to the main level. All shelving and furniture from the lower level is currently in off-site storage.

When will the main level be open?

We are hoping to transition from curbside service to reopening the main level as soon as possible. Some areas of the main level will remain closed, such as meeting rooms and study rooms, because those spaces are currently housing items from the lower level.

When will the lower level be open?

At this time, we cannot make any estimates about when the lower level will reopen. There is significant damage and a lot of repair work to be done.

Will the children’s and teen collections still be accessible?

Branch staff are currently working on making as much of the youth collections available as possible. In order to make room for carts of youth materials, some seating on the main level will be moved to storage.

Will this affect programming for children, teens, and adults?

Unfortunately, all in person programming is cancelled because none of our meeting rooms are available. Outdoor programming will continue, as well as pick-ups of take and make kits for all ages.

How will this affect my holds?

Staff are currently processing the backlog of customer holds and will be making them available for pick up as quickly as possible.

Questions? Call the University Heights branch for the most up-to-date information, at (216) 321-4700.

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