Unpacking 1619 – White Identity Politics with Fran Shor

Professor Fran Shor talks about his book, Weaponized Whiteness which interrogates the meanings and implications of white supremacy and, more specifically, white identity politics from historical and sociological perspectives. Prof. Shor looks at the history of immigration, slavery, and moments of resistance against White Supremacy. Examining how white people participated in the Civil Rights Movement and showed up for Black Lives Matter, he illustrates the work white people need to do to be effective allies in protests.

Francis Shor is an Emeritus Professor of History at Wayne State University. He is the author of five non-fiction books, including Weaponized Whiteness: The Constructions and Deconstructions of White Identity Politics (Haymarket 2020), and a novel, Passages of Rebellion (Outskirts 2020).

In addition to his academic work, he has been a long-time peace and justice activist, serving previously on the Boards of Peace Action and Michigan Coalition for Human Rights (MCHR). Presently, he is an Advisory Board member of MCHR and on the Board of the Congregation for Humanistic Judaism, where he also co-chairs the Program Committee.