Using Building Blocks in Microsoft Office 2007

Building Blocks is cool new feature we have added in Office 2007. They enable users to reuse content easily in order to help you put together great looking documents. Essentially parts of a document that can saved in the Building Blocks organizer and then inserted into other documents, quickly and easily.

Office 2007 provides a collection of common building blocks presented in visual galleries. All building block galleries use a rich thumbnail image to preview content before inserting it, like many other features in Office. But each gallery is also a feature in its own right, for example, cover pages will insert at the beginning of the document as expected, while headers go in the document header area and textboxes are inserted in the page the cursor is in.

Different Types of Building Blocks Galleries provided by Microsoft

Insert Tab:

  1. Cover pages
  2. Headers
  3. Footers
  4. Page numbers
  5. Text boxes (pull quotes and sidebars)
  6. Quick parts (custom user blocks)
  7. Equations

Reference Tab:

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Bibliography

Page Layout Tab:

  1. Watermark
  2. Header and Footer Contextual Tab:
  3. Repeats the header, footer, page number, and quick parts galleries for convenience

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