Want to Look and Feel Like a Spring Chicken?

Look no further, because this is the book for you!

Spring Chicken: Stay Young Forever (or Die Trying) by Bill Gifford is an interesting look at how people all around the world are constantly in search for the secret elixir, or perhaps a magic spring (Tuck Everlasting anyone?). From the Suzanne Somers diet and extreme supplement regimens, to anti-aging clinics, caloric restriction, or even just subjecting yourself to cold showers for the rest of your life.

Cold showers every day wouldn’t be the way I’d like to live my last years…

Bill Gifford doesn’t just explore the fads of anti-aging, but also dives into medical research about how we can prevent the top four aging diseases: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. He also takes a look at people around the world who have lived past the age of 100, trying to figure out why some people make it to those extreme ages and what about their genetics prevents them from succumbing to the ailments seen in the vast majority of our older society.

If you are really hoping to find a way to stay young forever, this book won’t give you that answer. But, it will give you fascinating insights into the aging process, and anti-aging strategies that may help slow down the process and help you look and feel like a spring chicken.

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