Drip.  Drop.  Drip.  Water is everywhere.  We need water to survive.  We love water!  So why not honor the wonderful wet stuff with a water-themed Explorastory?


“All the Water in the World” by George Ella Lyon

“A Cool Drink of Water” by Barbara Kerley

“Water, Water” by Eloise Greenfield

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Activity: Water is truly an amazing thing.  Some things will sink in water, while others will actually float.  We did an experiement with the children and let them drop different objects into a bin of water to see what will sink and what will float.  They had fun taking turns dropping items in the water and guessing what will happen to them.  Some of the objects we used were an apple, a hard-boiled egg, different toys, a Styrofoam ball, clay, a toy boat, a crayon and more.

Art:  We went simple this week and experimented with watercolor paints.  Children made all sorts of beautiful designs and colors by adding water to the paint.  Magnifico!

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