We Are Family!!!

Get up, everybody and SING!

Turn up Sister Sledge and celebrate your family with Explorastory this week!  There are so many different types of families and so many people in them.  Today, we showed our love to some of the ladies in our families along with a quick shout-out to our cousins.

Our first book, “Big Sister, Little Sister” by LeUyen Pham, shines a spotlight on…. SISTERS! Specifically, the frustrations that come from being the baby of the family as well joys of always having someone to look out for you.


Next, we read the classic book, “Owl Babies” by Martin Waddle, in which three owl siblings awaken to find their mother is GONE!  They pass the time worrying if she’s okay, reassuring each other, and wondering if she’ll ever come home (SPOILER ALERT: She totally does!).

Our last book showed us the lengths a grandparent will go to for their grandchild in “What! Cried Granny” by Kate Lum.  When Patrick forgets to pack some key items, his Granny hilariously does everything she can to make his stay with her comfortable.


In between stories, we learned some family related fingerplays like Thumbkin and danced to celebrate one more type of family member: Our cousins!

For our craft we created family portraits using popsicle sticks.  Take a look!


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