Whatta Book: House Held Up By Trees

House Held Up by Trees

Jon Klassen has my heart forever (Have you read Extra Yarn yet?).  An alternate title of this book might have been I Want My House Back if you’re just looking at the cover.  But the story has a lot of heart to it and really is worth a look.  It’s the story of a house, a home, built by a single father where he can raise his son and daughter.  They grow up in a place that feels wild and comfortable at the same time, the woods you love to get lost in and explore, rather than get lost in and panic.

Eventually the kids grow up, as kids do, and the old man moves away from the house to be near them in the city, hoping to sell the house.  Who wants to buy a house way out in the middle the woods?  Maybe someone, maybe no one.  One of my favorite parts of this story is that it feels true, like something that could really happen, which sets up the finale (which is revealed in the title) perfectly.  Great story, more excellent art from Mr. Klassen.

House Held Up By Trees
by Ted Kooser
illustrated by Jon Klassen
0763651079 / 9780763651077

Watch an interview with the author, Ted Kooser, on youtube.  He’s standing in front of the house, and relates that he’s been thinking about writing this book for 30 years!  This book has been steeping for a long time, folks.


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