Whatta Series: 43 Old Cemetery Road

Cranky children’s book author Ignatius B. Grumply hasn’t written a book in years. To get over his writer’s slump, he decides to rent 43 Old Cemetery Place, an old Victorian mansion in Ghastly, Illinois for the summer. Ignatius hopes that living in the solitary house will inspire him and help him write a new bestseller. What he doesn’t bargain for is that the house is already inhabited, by a young boy named Seymour Hope and an old writer-ghost named Olive C. Spence. Can these unlikely roommates learn to live together and maybe even work as a team to produce a literary bestseller?

These 4 volumes tell the story of trio and their many adventures involving everything from the International Movement for the Safety & Protection of Our Kids & Youth (IMSPOOKY) trying to separate them to having to deal with a mysterious ghost that inhabits the local post office. The stories are told through letters, journal entries, newspaper articles, and pictures and make for fun, quick, and very funny reading.

Dying to Meet You  Over My Dead Body

# 1 Dying to Meet You #2 Over My Dead Body

Till Death Do Us Bark  The Phantom of the Post Office

#3 Till Death Do Us Bark   #4 The Phantom of the Post Office


43 Cemetery Road
by Kate Klise
illustrated by Sarah Klise

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