When Kayson met KoKo: A Love Story

What do you mean I’m in the wrong place? Wait… It’s not that kind of…ohhhh!

The Pussy Trap, a novel by Ne Ne Capri, is a tale about how good sex can be wielded to get what you want, defeat your enemies, and soothe the savage beast. Well sort of.

It was your typical love story. A cold-hearted killer named KoKo meets another cold-hearted killer named Kayson, who happens to be the head of the criminal organization she is a part of. Because of her viciousness, heartlessness, and stunning beauty, Kayson plans to polish her up and train her to be his sexy assassin. (Picture My Fair Lady with a homicidal maniac as Eliza.) And he knows exactly what to do to trap her. He gives her some of that good ol’ freak nasty.  He was so skilled in x-rated pleasure, she is now willing to do anything for him…..even kill. (To a normal person that would seem outrageous but she was already a killer. So why not enjoy the extra perks? ~wink~) As he was trying to trap her with his magic tricks, he got trapped…in his heart. (And in his pants.) Will their love survive the mission, the murders, the secrets, and the lies that come with the living this kind of life?

There is so much going on in this novel, I had to backtrack a few times. Then after all of that work , it ends with a cliff hanger. (ARRRGGGHHH!!) I want to say that I loved this story. But I can’t. It wasn’t because of the sex (Which was Delicious!) or the violence (And there was A LOT of it). The reason I did not care for the story is that KoKo and Kayson were just not sympathetic characters to me. I really wanted to root for their love but they were just such terrible people. (Awww …they are becoming so close….I hope that their love…..oh wait…. one of them shot someone’s mama in the face.)

If you like the hardcore sex and cold-blooded violence, you may want to give this novel a try. There is a sequel coming out on July 27 entitled Pussy Trap 2: Kiss of Death. Personally, I’m going to pass on reading it.

 (You don’t think they heard me, do you? Oh look at the time….. I should be going.  If anyone asks my new name is Elyis Morshel. Where’s that wig?)

P.S. If you would like to try another a gritty urban book that also talks about the power of sex and, in my opinion, have more sympathetic characters, you should try Doom Fox by Iceberg Slim. He is considered one of the forefathers of urban fiction. He was also an ex-pimp. (I guess pimpin’ ain’t easy but writing seems to be.)


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