Why You Need to Install Google Photos on Your iPhone

You probably know someone with an iPhone. That person might even be You!

Everyone that uses iPhones has probably had that confusing moment where they realize they simply have too many pictures and they need to delete some of them.

This is where the problem starts.

When a user goes to delete a photo from their phone they will see this message.

Many of our customers don’t understand why this message appears. The whole point of Cloud Storage is supposed to be that you get to have a copy of everything securely saved in the cloud.

The customers are right. The point of a cloud service is to open up space on a physical device by saving copies elsewhere. However, iCloud is the ONLY photo storage system that does not operate under the same rules. The concept of iCloud is not to have copies safely stored elsewhere but instead to have your photos accessible from every Apple Device.

This difference is not made clear by Apple or anywhere on the iPhone, iCloud, or iPhotos.

Now before anyone panics, there is a very easy, and very free solution to this problem – Google Photos!

This app created by Google allows users of any phone to back up their photos to the cloud. Most users can get ALL of their photos off an iPhone or other mobile device and onto Google Photos without having to pay an additional fee.

Never worry about losing another photo because of lack of storage. All photos are stored in the cloud and can be downloaded back to the phone at any point. The app can be accessed from a mobile device or on a desktop computer with internet access.

Additionally, Google Photos has many features that users find extremely helpful.

Want all the photos from your cousin’s wedding saved in an album so you can easily find them? If you are using iCloud, you will have to manually make the album and save all the photos there. Google Photos, on the other hand, will automatically make albums based on your location, date, and time. It recognizes the difference between human and animal faces as well, meaning you can now easily find all the pictures of the four-legged friends without a hassle.

Installing Google Photos is simple!

  1. Go to your phone’s App store
  2. Search “Google Photos
  3. Press Install
  4. Wait for the app to download
  5. Open the app and let it sync all your photos. If you have a lot of photos and videos this could take a couple of hours!
  6. When Google Photos tells you its all “Backed Up” you can now safely delete photos from your iPhone or other mobile devices.

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