As part of the weather-themed storytimes I have been doing lately, I did a wind theme for our first week of April’s ExploraStory.


Wind Says Good Night

“Wind Says Good Night” by Katy Rydell


It Is the Wind

“It Is the Wind” by Ferida Wolff


I'll Play with You

“I’ll Play With You” by Mary McKenna Siddals


When the Wind Stops

“When the Wind Stops” by Charlotte Zolotow


Click here to order these books from the Heights Library catalog


We made our own windsocks after storytime. These were very easy. All you need are toilet paper rolls, string, crepe paper streamers, and glue sticks. Jewels and feathers or other mixed-media items to decorate the roll are optional. At one end of the roll, punch one hole with a hole puncher into each side and thread the yarn through it. The kids had lots of fun running with their windsocks, and I suggest hanging them from a front porch to watch them sway in the breeze.



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