Winding down Springtime in Paris

Well, we are moving on to Summer Reading season here at the Library. A whole new set of programs with a new theme: Heroes and Legends.

So it is time we say adieu to Springtime in Paris. But if you enjoyed Paris and don’t want to leave, you don’t have to. In fact, why not read about Paris for Summer Reading!

One great book I just flew through was Paris Red by Maureen Gibbon. It’s historical fiction that puts you right in the middle of Édouard Manet painting his (in)famous painting Olympia. We follow a fictionalized portrait of model Victorine Meurent as she meets Manet and trades in her hard-working day job for modeling, and we see Victorine’s beginnings as an artist in her own right.

Need more Summer Reading suggestions? Drop us a line: And check out this handy link to lots more reading suggestions.

And maybe it’s not really adieu…just au revoir!


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