Winter in Northeast Ohio is unpredictable, especially when you get closer to the end or what you think is the end.  Is it over?  Will it snow again?  Can I put away my boots?  My advice – don’t worry about it and enjoy the season.  One of the best ways to spend a cold (or an unseasonably warm) winter night is with picture books!  This winter, I noticed an interesting trend in picture books, the furry, fangy, cold weather abominable snowman kept appearing.  Three books were published featuring the fearsome but friendly yeti.  Check them out below and at your nearest Heights Library.



Two hikers are on a quest to find Yeti!  Crossing streams, climbing mountains, and facing obstacles throughout.  During their journey they write letters to Yeti, hoping to meet him soon.  Little do they know he’s following along behind, helping to keep them out of trouble.






It’s a perfect day for a Yeti hunt!  Two brothers take their camera along to finally get proof that Yeti exists.  The only problem is little brother doesn’t know what to look for.  Kids will have fun finding the Yeti hidden on each page as big brother explains but continues to miss the actual Yeti!




This picture book shows the day to day life of a yeti and all of their favorite cold weather activities.  However, as the book states, “sometimes winter can be tough.” Even yetis get sick of the season and begin to look forward to the arrival of warmer weather.  A perfect book to read when you are yearning for summer!

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