Yummy Scorpions?

Feeling hungry? How about some laverbread from Wales? It’s bread made out of seaweed. Or some honey ants in Australia? Oh, I know, try some fried milk from Taiwan! The World’s Strangest Foods by Alicia Z. Klepeis is a fascinating and icky book that details the weirdest foods you would never even think of. Each chapter focuses on a different meal, and there are lots of great (and gross) pictures to look at. While reading the book, there are definitions on each page for the words you might be unfamiliar with. And the back of the book has a list of other books on this topic you might enjoy as well as a website where you can look up more information about these tasty treats. Happy snacking!

Books nearby on the shelf:

Fun Food Trivia by Erin Michalek

Double Cheeseburgers, Quiche, and Vegetarian Burritos: American Cooking from the 1920s Through Today by Loretta Frances Ichord, illustrated by Jan Davey Ellis


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