Zombies are the New Vampires: A Book List II

In the first part of this list (Zombies are the New Vampires: Book List), I argued that while vampires used to be the most popular horror monster, zombies have risen up in the last decade and are trying to claim the most popular spotlight.

Why, even in the realm of non-fiction, zombies appear to eclipse the vampire non-fiction titles.

What are zombies doing in non-fiction? An author can write about a zombie television series, about the philosophy behind zombies or a manual on how to survive a zombie outbreak.

In the realm of graphic novels, zombies seem to be the darling monster.

In the last few years these monsters have shambled their way into more, and more popular, series than the vampires.
May 2014 Update:

I’ve updated and improved this old list. A few of the books originally on this list are no longer available through the Clevnet Library system and plenty more have been published since.

It’s still not an exhaustive list — just a place to start.

Due to the increased length of this list, I’ve broken it up into parts. Today we’ll look at zombies in non-fiction and graphic novels.

Interested in one or more of these books? Click the mouse on the book cover to read more about it and order it from your local CLEVNET library.


Austin, John


Boluk, Stephanie and Wylie Lenz (Editors)

    • Generation Zombie: Essays on the Living Dead in Modern Culture


Brooks, Max


Brown, Nathan Robert


Curran, Bob


Greene, Richard and K. Silem Mohammad (editors)


Kay, Glenn


Kenemore, Scott




Lowder, James (editor)


Maberry, Jonathan


Mecum, Ryan


Mogk, Matt

    • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Zombies


Moreman, Christopher M. and Cory James Rushton (Editors)


Murphy, David P.


Paffenroth, Kim


Snyder, Lucy A.


Vuckovic, Jovanka


Yuen, Wayne


Value Added Extra: Graphic Novels

Ellis, Warren

    • Blackgas


Hicks, Faith Erin


Hotz, Kyle


Kirkman, Robert



Kirkman, Robert; et al.







Kuhoric, James


    • Dead Irons


Niles, Steve

    • 28 Days Later– The Aftermath


    • City of Others



Verheiden, Mark


Yoe, Craig Yoe and Steve Banes (Editors)


Zombie Tales Anthology



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