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Posts by Constance D
Hi, my name is Constance and I’m a readaholic. I enjoy reading memoirs by people who have overcome adversity. I also enjoy fiction about complicated, flawed, realistic characters and dysfunctional families. Reading about others is important because it puts us in their shoes and brings understanding (unless we’re psychopaths). Finally, I love the kind of writing that makes me read a passage over because of its sheer beauty or craft.

The “Perfect” Nanny

It is my pleasure to post my colleague John's guest post: Leila Silmani’s The Perfect Nanny is one of those novels you will hear about. Much like Herman Koch’s The Dinner, it will creep into conversations and steal across book club discussions for months to come....

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Nonfiction Favorites: A Dozen from 2017

My favorite kind of nonfiction is memoir, especially stories about people raised in non-conventional families.  This year I enjoyed: We Are all Shipwrecks by Kelly Grey Carlisle. Kelly always knew her family was different. She knew that most children didn't live with...

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