Dobama Theatre

Dobama Theatre is located across the street from the Lee Road branch, in the library’s HKIC building. Its mission is to premiere the best contemporary plays by established and emerging playwrights in professional productions of the highest quality. Through educational and outreach programming, Dobama Theatre nurtures the development of theatre artists and builds new audiences for the arts while provoking an examination of our contemporary world.

Family Connections’ Little Heights Literacy Playroom

Little Heights Literacy Playroom  is located across the street from the Lee Road branch, in the library’s HKIC building.  It is a collaboration between Family Connections and Heights Libraries, and was designed with the belief that parents are their children’s first teachers. Carefully chosen play materials give parents the perfect chance to help their child learn the art of counting, sorting, matching and much more. Free drop-in sessions are offered throughout the week and are open year-round.  Pre-registration is not required. See for times and days.

Home Repair Resource Center

The Home Repair Resource Center (HRRC) empowers Cleveland Heights homeowners to maintain their homes through a creative mix of self-help programs that include financial assistance, education and skills training to enable homeowners — particularly homeowners of low or moderate income — to accomplish repairs on a contracted or do-it-yourself basis.  The Lee Road branch is home to the Home Repair Resource Center’s lending library. The collection consists of books, instructional handouts and DVDs on a number of home improvement projects. The Home Repair Resource Center is a nonprofit organization serving the people and houses of Cleveland Heights.

Coventry PEACE Campus

Coventry P.E.A.C.E. Campus is a collaborative achievement of seven arts and community organizations; Coventry P.E.A.C.E. Playground, Ensemble Theater, Lake Erie Ink, Family Connections, Future Heights, Reaching Heights, and ARTFUL.

After closure of the Coventry Elementary School in 2007, the facility was used as the home for a number of arts and community organizations. In 2017 the Cleveland Heights-University Heights School District announced its need to sell the property, which could result in the dislocation of these organizations. Responding to public encouragement not to sell the property, the School District, the Heights Library and the volunteers of Coventry PEACE Campus worked together to find a solution, resulting in the Library taking ownership of the property. Since that time, these not-for-profit organizations have worked together to continue to create an important community resource that touches and enhances the life of thousands of people in and around our community.

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