Heightslibrary is now providing wireless printing for our customers through the Google Cloud Print service. This is a cloud-based printing solution that relies on Google’s services, and supports Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Android, and iOS devices.

In order to use this service,  you should be aware of how it works and how to get it configured for your device.  You do need a Google account in order to use Google Cloud Print.  The following links will provide the information you need to get started:

Limited assistance with the above information may be available from our staff.  However, almost any question you will have relating to this service can be found at the above links.

Printing at all branches:

Our Google Cloud Print service is now being offered at all of our branch locations.  If you are using the Google Chrome browser (available here), you can click on the following links to connect to the Google Cloud Printers:

You will need to log in to your Google account in Chrome in order to use this printer.  If you are using other software or apps, please refer to the links above for instructions on how to get started.

Printing to our Google Cloud Printers is limited to five black and white (5) pages per day.

Please speak with our staff if you have feedback to provide regarding this service.