Automatic Renewals
CLEVNET has implemented automatic renewals of physical materials (digital materials are not eligible). This new service will be more convenient and potentially reduce overdue fines on items from other library systems (Heights Libraries charges no fines on most items). Materials will automatically renew one day before an item is due.

Materials will NOT renew automatically if:

  • Someone else has placed a hold on the item.
  • The item has reached its renewal limit (renewal limits vary by library system).
  • Your account is blocked due to excess fines or fees.

If an item CANNOT be renewed, you will receive a courtesy “due soon” notice (via PHONE, EMAIL, or SMS Text) the evening before your materials are due.

Please note: This service does not apply to digital materials (i.e. Overdrive), only physical materials.

Overdue Fines

Heights Libraries has eliminated overdue fines on most items. Exceptions are Video Games, Inter Library Loan items, and items that belong to other libraries. Fines will still accumulate, but will be removed from your account when you return the item(s).
We have lowered the amount of fines you are allowed to accumulate on your account from $15 to $10. When your fines hit $10, your account will be blocked until you return your overdue items.

You can now renew most books and movies 10 times (see exceptions, below). However, if you have 20 or more items overdue, your account will be blocked until you return the items. If an item is not returned within 42 days (6 weeks) of check out or renewal, your account will be blocked. You will be charged a fee for the value of the book and an additional $10 referral fee unless the item is returned.

Customers may have no more than 100 items checked out at a time.

Teachers and parents who home school their children may apply for a special Educator Card, which will allow them to check out children’s and teen print materials (books and magazines) and select AV materials (audiobooks and CDs) for 6 weeks. Get more information.


 Item Type Loan Period Number of Allowed Renewals Can this item type be reserved? Fines per day
Audio Readers 3 weeks 5 Yes No fine
Blu-Ray 1 week 2 Yes No fine
Book Kits 3 weeks 10 Yes No fine
Books 3 weeks 10 Yes No fine
Books on CD 3 weeks 10 Yes No fine
Born to Read kits 3 weeks 0 Yes No fine
CDs 3 weeks 10 Yes No fine
DVDs 1 week 2 Yes No fine
DVD Sets 3 weeks 2 Yes No fine
E-Books 3 weeks 0 Yes No fine
Hotspots 2 weeks 0 Yes $5.00
Magazines 3 weeks 10 No No fine
New Books 2 weeks 10 Yes No fine
No Hold Books 2 weeks 0 No No fine
No Hold DVDs 1 weeks 0 No No fine
Playaway Audiobooks 3 weeks 10 Yes No fine
Playaway Launchpads 1 week 0 No No fine
Puzzles 3 weeks 5 No No fine

*Loan periods are determined by the owning library.