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Micro:bit Coding Kit

The Lee Road Branch HKIC STEAM Lab is now circulating micro:bit Coding Kits for customers to check out!

Micro:bits are small, durable micro computers that can be programmed in a variety of ways! They are useful to help beginners learn about how computers work and understand how to write code starting with a simple drag and drop interface and working up to JavaScript and Python.

Each micro:bit has programmable buttons, LEDs, sensors, speakers, and a microphone. If you are interested in what types of activities can be coded using micro:bits, please visit The recommended age for the micro:bit kit is 7+, but even older or experienced coders can learn new skills!

We currently have 5 micro:bit kits that circulate out of the HKIC STEAM Lab at 2340 Lee Road. Contact the HKIC at (216) 932-3600, ext. 1221, or visit us anytime. Kits can be checked out for 14 days and should be returned to the Lee Road Branch.