Heights Libraries began its mission to serve the community in 1916. We have grown and expanded significantly in the intervening years, but our founding ideals of providing outstanding library services, staff, and facilities has not changed. Our customer’s needs are our first priority. Our goal is to anticipate and fulfill those needs to provide our customers with a unique and rewarding library experience. We strive to be a community gathering place and provide an environment where all are welcome. Please visit any of our four branches and experience being a part of this vibrant and diverse community.


Read a brief history of the Heights Libraries on our Chronology page.

Learn about the Heights Libraries Centennial and see our Centennial Timeline.

Find more Heights Libraries history with our online archive at the Ohio Memory Project Website. Find photos, newspaper articles, meeting minutes and more stretching back to 1916, including the first minutes of the library’s board meetings.

Library Governance 

The library and its policies  are governed by a seven-member Library Board  and a Board-appointed Director and Fiscal Officer. The Fiscal Officer serves as the Clerk-Treasurer and oversees the library’s financial affairs.

Our Commitment to Privacy 

Protecting your privacy is very important to the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library. This privacy notice explains the steps we have taken and what your choices are in this effort. We make this notice easy to find on our homepage and everywhere we request information from you.

Mission Statement

Opening Doors, Opening Minds

Vision Statement

We will know we are succeeding when…

  • Our services and facilities appeal to all ages
  • Our collections, services and staff are outstanding
  • We have established the library as a Third Place, or “someplace other than work or home where a person can go to… feel part of the community”
  • We remain focused on the needs of our customers

Values Statement

We place great value in:

Governing Effectively
Provide effective management, integrity, diversity, and ethics in the workplace. Share organizational decision making and responsibility. Provide effective internal and external communications.

Maintaining Public Trust
Assure that our libraries remain free and accessible for all. Support digital and print literacy, intellectual freedom, privacy and respond to the needs of our customers.

Supporting Community Aspirations
Promote safe and economically thriving neighborhoods, foster a climate of innovation and change, and lead with a culture of respect for all.

Strategic Plan

2018-2019 Strategic Plan
2017-2018 Strategic Plan
2014-2015 Strategic Plan
2012-2013 Strategic Plan

Library Finances

2018 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 

Previous Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

2013 Community Survey & 2012 Demographic Study

In February 2013, the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library contracted with the Community Research Institute at Baldwin Wallace University to conduct a combined survey of Cleveland Heights and University Heights residents, library customers and non-customers alike. The community survey was the follow-up to a large community demographic study conducted by Heights Libraries in 2012.  Learn more.