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PCs for People Partnership

Heights Libraries has partnered with PCs for People as a pick-up location.

PCs for People is a nonprofit organization that aims to bridge the digital divide by connecting low-income families and individuals with low-cost or free technology like hotspots and computers so that they can more easily access schoolwork, telehealth visits, job applications, online shopping, and other essential online services. They’re able to do this by collecting equipment donations from government agencies, businesses, and individuals and refurbishing them.

PCs for People offers desktop computers (with monitors, mouse, and keyboard) for $80, laptop computers are $100, and hotspot devices are $60 with a service fee of $16 per month.

You can check the eligibility requirements here.

Then, you can apply here.

More general information can be found here:

You can also contact PCs for People directly for details about the program at 216-930-5741 or

Need help filling out the application? Talk to our HKIC staff at (216) 932-3600 ext. 1221.