You can reserve a computer at any of our four Heights Libraries branches over the Internet.  Simply choose which location, date, and time you want to reserve, enter your library card number, and a computer will be ready for you when you come in!

Click here to make a computer reservation

Depending on the area, computers are reservable either one or two hours at a time and customers can make a maximum of two reservations per day.
Need help signing up for a computer?  Check out the instructions below, or call (216) 932-3600 to speak to a library staff member.

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Instructions for making a Computer Reservation

Step 1:  Choose to reserve a computer or check on reservations you’ve already made

On the top of the reservation screen, you will see two choices.  Either select the first option to reserve a computer for later use, or the second option to check on reservations you’ve already made.

Step 2:  Select the Date

Now choose the location in which you want to reserve a computer.  You will want to choose a 2 Hour reservable location – either Community Office, Coventry 2 Hour, Noble 2 Hour, or University Heights 2 Hour Adult PCs.

 Step 3:  Choose your date

Next, choose the date you want for your reservation.

Step 4:  Choose a Time

Next, choose the time at which you would like to reserve a computer.

Step 5:  Choose your computer and enter your library card number

Next, choose a specific computer from the Computer Name drop-down list, or select “Reserve Any in Group” to have the system choose for you.  Then enter your library card number in the screen.  Make sure you enter the full number with no spaces.  The computer will now find an available reservation closest to the time that you chose.

Step 6:  Confirm your reservation

Finally, the system will show you the available reservation closest to the time you chose.  If you want to continue with this reservation, click “Confirm Reservation” or click “Cancel Reservation” to try again.  If you confirmed, an acknowledgement will follow.

That’s it, you’re done!

Ready to reserve?  Click here to make your reservation online now.

Instructions for viewing previous Computer Reservations

Step 1:  Check on previous reservations

Click on option two to show the reservations you’ve made.

Step 2:  Type your library card number

Type in your library card number and click “OK.”

Step 3:  View the reservations you’ve made

Next, you will see the reservations you’ve already made.  You can choose to cancel them by clicking on “Cancel Reservation.”

Once you click “Cancel Reservation” or if there were no previous reservations for you, you will see the following screen:

That’s it, you’re done!

Ready to reserve?  Click here to make your reservation online now.