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The FFHL is currently raising funds for the Coventry P.E.A.C.E. PARK revitalization.

All funds raised will be used to replace the playground that has reached the end of its life.

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The Fund for the Future of Heights Libraries (FFHL) strives to enhance and preserve Heights Libraries’ buildings and services far beyond the current generation. We are committed to furthering the vision of Heights Libraries.

The FFHL was established in 2013 by the Heights Libraries Board of Trustees as a 501(c)(3) organization that is entrusted to administration by the Cleveland Foundation. The Friends of the Heights Library provided $10,000 as seed money for this fund.

Peace Park Redesign

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Thank You to Our PEACE Park Supporters

Friends of Heights Libraries, Overdrive, Inc., Attenson’s Antiques, Mac’s Backs, The Wine Spot, Algebra AEC, Galley Printing, Nancy Levin, Jackie Nachman, Janet Smith, Toby Rosen, Adam Rosen, Patrick and Sallie Sweeney, John Jarvey, Linda Miller, Bleema Bershad, Chuck Williams, Deborah Herrmann, Rose Breckenridge, Carol F. Bruml, Mark Hoffman, John Burke, Kaela and Bobby Sweeney, Catalina Wagers, Thomas and Marilyn McLaughlin, Allie Hannah, John and Betsy Feighan, Susan Black, John Davies, Kirsten Scheid, Jack and Blanche Valancy, Francis Chiappa, Mark Phillips and Lita Gonzalez, Julie and Gary Lustic, Linda Kauffman, Abby Botnick, Sheryl Banks, Sue and Ray Wolpert, Thomas Hodgkiss-Lilly, Kathy Frederick, Tyler McTigue, Vikas and Lauren Turakhia, Suzann Moskowitz, Maximilian Gerboc, Annette Iwamoto, Melissa Soto-Shwartz, Pat Gray, Mike and Lisa Gaynier, Jonathan Marzluf, Michele Wolfberg, Jesse Berezovsky, Lisa Manzari, Johanes Maliza, Howard Danziger, Patti Carlyle, Laurie Marotta, Barbara and Richard Wherley, Renee Lewin, Hugh Weinberg, Justin Mistovich, Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Sydney Benson, Joe Mendes, Tricia Springstubb, Gail M. Friedberg, Bruce and Jackie Elfvin, Julie Criscione, Ariel Travis, Mona Turakhia, Anne Hill, Gary Wildey, Susan Kenney, Lora DiFranco, Karen Pavao, Kim DeNero-Ackroyd, Sridhar and Sarojini Rao, Suzanne Zilber, Summer Watterson, George Barany, Peggy Spaeth, Dana Fluellen, Sarah Lentz, Conor Bracken, Sarah Mersek, Mary Adams, Allie Levin, Nancy and John Peppler, Stacey Kolthammer, Carmen Tesser, Deborah Picker, Leonard Friedson, Ann Reichsman, Debbie Herrmann, Susan and Larry Rakow, Ray Gonzalez, Jane Carle, Matt Grabski, Karen Kidwell, Julie Criscione, Billy Sklar, Patricia Solomon, Adam Severs, Jeffrey Smith, Heather Ways, Adaora Schmiedl, Farrel Helfer, John Davies, Ginger and Stuart Van Wagenen, Drew and Mary Adams Fund, hyllis Carter, Sarah Mersek, Amy Marquit Renwald, Eric Coble and Carol Laursen, Suzanne Zilber and Adin Mann, Elizabeth Tracy, Mariann Offtermatt, Joan Trey, Morena Carter, Will Du Gar, James Carter, Tom Skove, Bob and Pat Shiels, Mark and Kathy Harris, Susan Kenney, Joe and Mike Ortmeyer/Isaacson, Carmen Iammarino, Bob Ortmeyer, Molly McGuigan and Richard Goodwin, Ryan Harris, Jonathan Kurtz, Joy Roller, Lee & Mary Ortmeyer, Katie Mahoney

The FFHL Board of Directors

  • Jaclyn Nachman, President
  • Renee Lewin, Treasurer
  • Sydney Benson, Secretary
  • Abby Botnick
  • Pat Gray
  • Erick Kauffman
  • Suzann Moskowitz
  • Devon Range
  • Mara Layne
  • Morena Carter
  • Ex Officio: Nancy Levin, Heights Libraries Director
  • Ex Officio: Annette Iwamoto, Heights Libraries Trustee

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216-932-3600 ext. 1290

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The Fund for the Future of Heights Libraries is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
2345 Lee Road Cleveland Heights, OH 44118