Coventry Request for Proposal


November 20, 2020
Note – The deadline for submission of qualifications statements is Tuesday December 21, 2020.


    Heights Libraries (“Owner”) is seeking qualifications statements in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Sections 153.65 through 153.71 from firms to provide professional services as the Criteria Design Engineer/ Architect (“Engineer/ Architect”) for HVAC upgrades at the Coventry Branch 1925 Coventry Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, (the “Project”). The project will be a Design-Build delivery model.

    A description of the scope and existing HVAC system is included in Exhibit A and existing building plans are provided in a link in Exhibit B. The Engineer/ Architect will continue to provide oversight of the ongoing Design Build process to ensure compliance with the design intent.

    If your firm is interested in being considered, please respond by submitting a qualifications statement as instructed in Section 5 below.

    The Project budget, inclusive of hard and soft costs, is $450,000 to $500,000. Services are anticipated to commence in February 16, 2021 to allow for the completion of Design-Build RFQ documents completed by April 13, 2021.

    A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held on December 8, 2020 at 9:30 a.m. by ZOOM. Provide emails for all planning to participate in the meeting. Participation is required for all firms who wish to be considered. Candidates may arrange tour of the Coventry Branch at a specific time per the schedule below. Attendees will be limited to 5 per group. Any questions from the walkthroughs must not be directed to any library staff. All questions must be issued in writing to Julie Criscione, Owner’s Representative at


    1. Scope of Services:
      1. Prepare conceptual plans and specifications, to assist the Owner in connection with the establishment of design criteria;
      2. Provide an opinion of cost for the proposed scope of work;
      3. Assist with RFQ package preparation, evaluation and selection process for the Design-Build Contractor;
      4. Provide design oversight and periodic construction observation services on behalf of the Owner;
      5. Confirm that the design prepared by the design-build firm reflects the original design intent established in the design criteria package
    2. Project Delivery
      1. The Project will be constructed using a “Design-Build” project delivery format. The Design Build Contractor will develop and maintain estimates of probable construction cost, value Engineering, and construction schedules; lead and manage the Design, Subcontractor Prequalification and Bidding process, Construction Documents, Construction and Closeout stages including commissioning.

    1. Evaluation Criteria. Each firm responding to this RFQ will be evaluated and selected based on its qualifications and the qualifications and experience of the particular individuals identified as the firm’s proposed team for the Project. Owner will consider the firm’s competence to perform the required professional design services as indicated by the technical training, education and experience of the firm’s personnel who would be assigned to perform the services and of the firm’s current staff; availability of staff; relevant past work; the firm’s experience in performing Engineering studies and construction administration; experience in historic renovation; experience with renovation in an occupied facility; specification writing credentials and experience; experience with working within a Design-Build delivery; any previous work performed in connection with Owner.
    2. Ranking/Selection. Qualifications statements will be evaluated separately, and as part of this evaluation, Owner may hold interviews with select individual firms to further explore the qualifications statements, the scope and nature of the services the firm would provide, and the various technical approaches the firm may take toward the Project. After Owner’s review of the qualification statements and the interviews (if applicable), Owner will select and rank no fewer than the three most qualified firms, unless it determines in writing that fewer than three qualified firms are available.Owner will then negotiate a contract with the firm ranked most qualified to perform the services. Contract negotiations shall be directed toward: (1) ensuring that the firm and Owner have a mutual understanding of the essential requirements involved in providing the required services; (2) determining that the firm will make available the necessary personnel, equipment, and facilities to perform the services within the required time; and (3) agreeing upon compensation that is fair and reasonable, taking into account the estimated value, scope, complexity, and nature of the services.
    3. Selection Schedule. Owner’s anticipated schedule for selection of a firm is as follows:
      Public Notice for RFQ (3) Posting Dates: 11/20, 11/27, 12/4 11/20/20 12/21/20
      Pre-proposal mandatory meeting by ZOOM, 9:30 AM 12/8/20
      Tours for Coventry Branch 9:00 – 10:00 AM (One tour per firm, max 5 attendees per group) Th 12/10, M 12/14, Tu 12/15
      Deadline for Submission of RFQ 2:00 PM – PUBLIC OPENING 3:00 PM 12/21/20
      Public opening will be by ZOOM Meeting broadcast on Facebook live. Available on YouTube channel at a later date.
      Review Qualifications for Candidate Shortlist / Interviewees 1/11/21 1/15/21
      Notify (3) Shortlisted Candidates by 5:00 PM 1/15/21
      Committee to Interview Candidates – 7:00 – 10:00 PM 1/18/21 – 1/22/21
      Rank and Evaluate Interviewees 1/25/21 1/27/20
      Board Review, Approval and Vote on Selection 2/1/21
      Board Announces Successful Candidate 2/2/21
      Negotiate Agreement with Design Engineer/ Architect Firm 2/2/21 2/12/21
      Agreement Approved by Board 2/15/20

    1. General Firm Information.
      Include in your qualifications statement the following information about your firm:

      1. Cover Letter. Cover letter must include:
        1. Name, address and phone number of the office where the personnel assigned to the Project will be based,
        2. Name, title and phone number of the principal contact person.
      2. Company Overview. Company overview must include:
        1. Years of existence;
        2. Legal form of firm;
        3. Location of office;
        4. Number of licensed professionals; and
        5. General firm history.
      3. Insurance CertificateCertificate of insurance evidencing the firm’s current limits of liability for commercial general liability, business automobile liability, professional liability insurance and workers’ compensation.
    2. Project-Specific Information.

      Include in the qualifications statement the following information relevant to the firm and any team members that will participate in this Project:

      1. Relevant Experience.
        Relevant projects of similar nature and experience with library or other facilities. Include the following:

        1. description of the project including size, cost and the services provided for the project;
        2. start and completion dates for each project;
        3. individuals on your team involved in the projects;
        4. name, title and telephone number of the client contact most familiar with the firm’s
        5. services on the project.
      2. Project Team and Organization.
        Resumes for the proposed project team, including the proposed project manager, project design and technical staff. Each resume should include a one paragraph description of the duties and responsibilities of the individual’s proposed project role. List the prior experience of such key personnel on similar projects and a summary of the proposed time commitment such key personnel shall have to this Project.
      3. Other Criteria.
        Discuss any of the evaluation criteria noted in 3.A herein, but not addressed above.

    1. Response Deadline.Qualifications Statements in response to this RFQ must be received in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Statement of Qualifications for Professional Design Services” and delivered to the addresses in Section 5.B. by date noted in Section 3.C. Responses that are received after this date and time will not be considered.
    2. Submission.Each proposal should provide the full name and address of each person or organization submitting the proposal.One hard sent to:
      Nancy Levin, Director
      Heights Libraries
      2345 Lee Road
      Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

      One electronic copy (under 10mb or through an electronic transfer link) of the qualifications statement must also be sent to:

      Nancy Levin, Director:
      Julie Criscione, Owner’s Rep:
    3. Questions; Inquiries.
      Questions regarding interpretation of the content of this RFQ or site walkthroughs must be directed to:

      Julie Criscione, Owner’s Representative
      JMC Owner’s Rep Services, LLC
      Questions by email only, please.

      Answers to any questions shall be in writing and shall be sent to all firms who are on record with Owner as having requested and been furnished a copy of this RFQ. It is therefore imperative that firms provide full and accurate contact information to Owner and sign in at all facilities during site visits. The name of the party submitting the question will not be identified in the answers.

    4. Communications.
      Firms considering responding to this RFQ are strictly prohibited from communicating with any member of Owner’s staff, as all questions must be directed to the person identified in Section 5.C.
    5. Public Records.
      All documents submitted to Owner in response to this RFQ are public and will be available for inspection under ORC § 149.43 at the conclusion of the selection process. Insurance certificates and policies shall remain confidential, except under proper order of a court.
    6. Cancellation; Rejection.
      Owner reserves the right to accept or reject any or all qualifications statements and cancel at any time for any reason during this RFQ process, any portion of this RFQ or any phase of the Project. Owner shall have no liability to any proposer arising out of such cancellation or rejection. Owner reserves the right to waive minor variations in the selection process.
    7. Costs.
      Owner assumes no responsibility for costs incurred in the preparation, presentation or submission of the qualification statements.
    8. Amendments to RFQ.
      At its discretion, Owner may amend this RFQ at any time prior to the deadline for receipt of qualifications statements and distribute the amendments to all firms who are on record with Owner as having requested and been furnished a copy of this RFQ.

    1. EXHIBIT A: Description of scope and existing facility HVAC system (see below)
    2. EXHIBIT B: Existing building plans

Exhibit A


The building was constructed in 1926. The heating is provided by a two-pipe low pressure steam system with cast iron radiators around the perimeter of the building. Steam supplied by a Weil-McLain model LGB-8 cast iron boiler manufactured in August 1994 and installed in July 1998. 910,000 Bth/hr natural gas input/533,000 Btu/hr steam heat output. A small simplex condensate pump moves condensate from the basement systems back to the boiler room. The upper floors drain by gravity TO THE BOILER FEED PUMP. The boiler is controlled by a single thermostat. A few radiators are equipped with “Danflouss” temperature control valves.

The building is air conditioned by 4 “carrier” direct expansion split systems, each consisting of an indoor (unconditioned attic) air handling unit and an outdoor (courtyard) condensing unit. The cooling capacities are as follows: AC-1: 7 ½ tons (90,000 Btu/hr): AC-2: 5 tons (60,000 Btu/hr): AC-3: 5 tons (60,000Btu/hr): AC-4: 3 tons (36,000Btu/hr). All these units were manufactured in 1988-1989 and use R-22 refrigerant. In addition there are 3 Mitsubishi Electric “Mr. Slim” mini-split units to cool the Shire (children’s room) and provide cooling/heating to the Manager’s Office and work area.
Because the building is becoming “tighter” as windows are replaced and air infiltration at the exterior envelope is being reduced, air quality is becoming more of a concern. There is only passive ventilation from original construction.

New equipment must be forced air to enable the use of bi-polar ionization. The control system must be compatible with Metasys. The basement area will need to be conditioned, including make-up air to accommodate public use. Future use of basement areas and the Manager’s Office/Work spaces need to be accounted for.

This is an Historic Building, design must preserve the integrity of the building. There is little room for vertical chases. The basement ceilings, however, are high enough to accommodate open duct work. There are ceiling penetrations from the attic for existing first floor diffusers. There is a flat area of the roof that could accommodate an RTU. Indoor roof access and possible bracing would be required. An outdoor unit could be placed to condition the basement.

Exhibit B

Existing building plans

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