Limited Lobby Services

All branches now offer limited lobby services during the days/times below.

Tuesday and Thursday, 1:30 – 9 p.m.
Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, 12-5 p.m.
Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, SENIORS ONLY, 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
PLEASE NOTE: At Lee Road, please enter through the main parking lot doors during Senior hours.

Until further notice, here is what you CAN do in the lobby:

  • Pick up tax forms. A limited number of forms are available by the door when you enter.
  • Pick up your holds. Your holds are in the same place they always are, alphabetically arranged by your last name.
  • Check out your items at the new touchless self-serve station. This requires your library card. Please wait until a station is free before approaching.
  • Make copies or send a fax. Not every branch has a fax machine; please call first.
  • Ask staff a question about your account. Staff will be at the circulation desk behind new Plexiglas shields.

Here is what you CANNOT do at this time:

  • Go anywhere besides the lobbies
  • Browse for any items
  • Sit in the building
  • Use a computer
  • Return your items (Items must be returned in outdoor book drops.)
  • Bring your children to our play areas

Customers must wear face masks to enter the lobby, and remain six feet away from staff and other customers at all times by following the red guides on the floor. Thank you for your cooperation as we serve you while staying safe!


What if I need to return items?
You can put your items in the outdoor book drops. Returns will not be accepted inside the lobbies. All items will be quarantined for 5 days after they are returned. This increased from 3 days as of 7/21/20.

What if I want to browse?
No browsing is permitted at this time. Holds may be picked up, but nothing else.

What if I have restricted mobility?
If you cannot walk around the building or through the lobby, please call your branch and we can arrange for curb-side pick-up.

What if I can’t wear a mask?
If you are unable to wear a mask for a medical or religious reason, call to arrange to pick up your holds curbside. See the Library’s new Pandemic Safety Policy, below.

What if I need supplies like a pencil or pen, stapler, etc.?
At this time, we will not be offering the use of office supplies like pens, pencils, scissors, tape or staplers.

What if I need a tax form that you do not have?
Please call your branch, press option 2, and tell us which forms you need. We can print them and put them on the HOLD shelf for you.

What if I have a reference question?
Please call your branch, and press option 2. You will be connected to a reference staff person.

What if I want to sit in the lobby?
Due to the need for social distancing and the limited number of people permitted in the lobby, we are not allowing customers to stay in the lobby after they have finished their tasks.

What if I need to make a phone call?
At this time, we are not allowing use of the public phone in the lobby. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Heights Libraries Pandemic Safety Policy

According to Ohio’s Stay Safe Ohio Order, libraries are required to allow patrons to wear a face mask/covering, and public health guidance recommends it to help protect employees and other patrons. We will now require patrons to wear a mask/face covering as long as there is a public health emergency. If a visitor objects to doing so for health/disability or religious reasons, then a reasonable accommodation will be made including services outside of the library building. Any behavior that is deemed as threatening others with exposure to the Coronavirus will result in eviction from the library and could be subject to criminal charges under Ohio Law.