Coventry PEACE Campus Project


On June 30, the leases for the tenants of the Coventry School building at the Coventry PEACE Campus expired with no agreement in place to move forward. The landlord, Heights Libraries, has agreed to extend the leases on a month-to-month basis while it continues attempts to negotiate a new lease with the tenants’ governing body, Coventry PEACE, Inc. Read more.

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This past summer, Heights Libraries surveyed the community to gather public input about the Coventry PEACE Campus. The short survey covered topics like safety, sustainability, parking, the playground, and possible improvements to the park. One thing is very clear: our community loves the PEACE Park! Here are the results; 702 of you responded–thank you for taking the time to express your opinions about this public space.

Would you like to help enhance the welcoming atmosphere at Coventry PEACE Park?

You may by purchasing a 6-foot-long park bench. We have identified ten places where benches can be added to replace deteriorating seating or add seating in the park.

The new benches are made of recycled plastic and have a 50 year warranty. If you would like more information contact Nancy Levin at

Heights Libraries is surveying the community to gather public input about the Coventry PEACE Campus. The short survey covers topics like safety, sustainability, parking, the playground, and possible improvements to the park. It also encourages community members to write in their own ideas with a variety of open-ended questions.

Take the survey.

The survey is also available on paper at the Library’s Coventry branch. Results will be published in the fall.

The Library is in the process of forming a committee to plan the programming, facilities and future uses of the park. The committee will include representatives from the city, the building’s tenants, PEACE Park representatives, citizens, and Library representatives, and will be involved in creating a master plan and fundraising for Park improvements.

This summer building tenants signed leases with a base rent of $3.50 a square foot and added fees for shared amenities such as wifi and security systems. They have agreed to fund a reserve for the added maintenance and repairs of the building. The Library reports on the expenses and revenues associated with the building every month at their regular board meetings.

On Wednesday, March 29, at the Heights Libraries’ Lee Road branch, the Cleveland Heights-University Heights School District transferred the title for the Coventry PEACE Campus to Heights Libraries. Find out more.

On February 5, 2018, at a special public board meeting, the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library Board of Trustees voted to authorize the library’s purchase of the Coventry PEACE Campus from the Cleveland Heights-University Heights School District. The title will be transferred to the library on March 31. The library will pay one dollar for the six-acre property, which includes the former Coventry Elementary School, a playground, parking lot, and adjoining green space. Ohio Revised Code allows school districts to transfer property titles to libraries in their communities.

The Coventry PEACE Campus abuts the library’s two-acre property at the corner of Coventry Road and Euclid Heights Boulevard, which includes its Coventry branch.

The CHUH School Board confirmed the sale at its February 20 meeting. Before purchasing the property, the library will perform its due diligence, conducting a title search, a land survey, and an environmental study.

Why did Heights Libraries take on the Coventry project?

  • This is public land that should not be put into private hands. The western parcel was donated in 1917 by Grant Deming for “public, educational use.” The other portion, where the former Coventry school now sits, was later purchased by the school district.
  • The property also provides the only free public parking for the library’s Coventry branch patrons.
  • The decision preserves the park which is used widely by a wide variety of citizens. Many of these people also use the library.
  • The Coventry Branch Library is an historic building in an historic district. The park is part of that district.
  • The Library also hopes to be a tenant and use the building possibly as a classroom, meeting room space and a number of other ideas are brewing including some culinary programs.

How will the building maintenance be paid for?

  • The tenants will all be paying rent, ultimately $3 a square foot. They will pay their utilities and create a reserve fund for any future repairs. The one tenant that has not been paying rent is relocating. Within two years the tenants will run the building on their own.
  • The Library’s finance office has created a special fund to keep Coventry School expenses separate from Library expenses.

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