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Coventry PEACE Campus Project

On February 5, 2018, at a special public board meeting, the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library Board of Trustees voted to authorize the library’s purchase of the Coventry PEACE Campus from the Cleveland Heights-University Heights School District. The CHUH School Board confirmed the sale at its February 20 meeting. Before purchasing the property, the library will performed its due diligence, conducting a title search, a land survey, and an environmental study. The title was transferred to the library on March 31. The six-acre property includes the former Coventry Elementary School, a playground, parking lot, and adjoining green space. Ohio Revised Code allows school districts to transfer property titles to libraries in their communities.

Why did Heights Libraries take on the Coventry project?

  • This is public land that should not be put into private hands. The western parcel was donated in 1917 by Grant Deming for “public, educational use.” The other portion, where the former Coventry school now sits, was later purchased by the school district.
  • The property also provides the only free public parking for the library’s Coventry branch patrons.
  • The decision preserves the park which is used widely by a wide variety of citizens. Many of these people also use the library.
  • The Coventry Branch Library is an historic building in an historic district. The park is part of that district.
  • The Library also hopes to be a tenant and use the building possibly as a classroom, meeting room space and a number of other ideas are brewing including some culinary programs.

PEACE Park News

Heights Libraries Board Offers Short-term Lease Options to PEACE Park Tenants 

May 20, 2024

At its Monday, May 20, meeting, the Heights Libraries Board of Trustees agreed to provide short-term lease options for nine PEACE Building tenants: Artful, Building Bridges, Cleveland Heights Teacher’s Union, Coventry PEACE Inc., Future Heights, Grace Communion, Lake Erie Ink, Reaching Heights, and Singer’s Club.

Each of the nine tenants had an option to extend their lease for an additional 18 months after their current lease expires on June 30, 2024. The deadline for exercising the lease option was April 1, 2024, but none of the tenants exercised that option by the deadline.

Given the circumstances, however, the Board voted to offer a six-month lease to the tenants, which would give them until December 31, 2024, to find new homes. Read more.

Tenants at Former Coventry School sign new leases

Almost a year to the date that their former leasing arrangement with Heights Libraries expired in December 2021, the tenants of the former Coventry School Building have signed new leases to stay in the building, which began January 1, 2023. The Library owns the...

read more

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