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Summer Reading: 5-Star Reviews

by | Jul 13, 2022 | Adult, Fiction, Matchmakers, Non-Fiction

Summer is flying by, and this year’s Adult Summer Reading Program is in full swing!

Your neighbors have been earning raffle entries for reading books and attending programs, plus extra entries for submitting reviews of the books they read. It’s been delightful and insightful (and sometimes hilarious!) to find out what people really think about the stories they checked out. Now, we want to share some of their rave reviews with you!  

Looking for your next great read? Consider these 5-star recommendations from our Heights Libraries Summer Readers! 

Woman on Fire by Lisa Barr – K.D. says, “Art history, drama, romance, family entanglements all included in this terrific novel. The world of reclaiming stolen art from WWII comes into brilliant light in this page-turner. Get a glass of wine and begin reading!”

Easy Beauty: A Memoir by Chloe Cooper Jones – T.S. says, “Essential reading for anyone interested in the ways that physical disabilities can affect someone’s experiences of the world. Beautifully written.”

Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing – D.B. says, “Fabulous book! It is amazing how the men conquered the hostile environment and lived to tell about their experiences.”

Blood Sugar by Sascha Rothchild – S.B. says, “Rothchild’s first novel is very smart and entertaining. It’s a fun, disturbing, pointed, clever, and delightfully twisted thriller(!). How can Ruby be so fun to hang out with?”

Honor by Thrity Umrigar – T.H. says, “Love Thrity Umrigar’s novels – she never disappoints in giving us the turmoil, tragedy and redemption of the human conditions.”

The Network Effect by Martha Wells – S.C. says, “If you like irreverent science fiction, you will love this book. The main character is a sarcastic, disillusioned artificial intelligence programed to be a security robot.  It is kind of like a fun action movie, but from a robot’s perspective. It was a wonderful escape from day-to-day life!”

Our Adult Summer Reading Program runs until August 30th, so it’s not too late to participate and submit a review of your own! We want to hear from you, whether you’re praising a book or panning it. For more information on how to participate and what you can win, visit

The more you read (and write), the more chances you have to win! We’re rooting for you!