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Photo-illustrated Picture Books

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Children, Matchmakers, Picture Books

On Monday, November 7th, 2022, a momentous event is occurring: the first ever gathering of the Noble Picture Book Appreciation Society! In the evening, the Society will be offering a ‘tasting’ of the choicest picture books. Esteemed guests to the Noble children’s room will be seated at our finest tables and offered menus from which to order several courses of stories, and will have the opportunity to share their tasting notes.  

Each section of the menu for the evening is being developed by Society members; my selection will be of deliciously photo-illustrated picture books. Since I have collected too many to fit on the menu, I would love to share the full list with you here. If you enjoy this eye-catching appetizer, please register and join us for the Tasting 


The Me I Choose to Be, by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley, photographs by Regis & Kahran Bethencourt 

Guess Who? by Margaret Miller 

Shapes, Shapes, Shapes, by Tana Hoban  

Seeing Into Tomorrow, by Nina Crews  (very hard to choose a favorite of all her books!) 

Looking Like Me, by Walter Dean Myers & Christopher Myers 

Thank You, Earth, by April Pulley Sayre  (also very hard to pick a favorite, she was prolific!)  

Sleep Train, by Jonathan London, art by Lauren Eldridge  

This is My Eye: A New York Story, by Neela Vaswani 


My People, by Langston Hughes, photographs by Charles R. Smith, Jr. 

Gifts of the Magpie, by Sam Hundley 

Step Gently Out, by Helen Frost and Rick Lieder 

Wrinkles, by JR 

Oakley the Squirrel: The Search for Z – A Nutty Alphabet Book, by Nancy Rose  

Almond, by Allen Say 

Shape Up, Construction Trucks!, by Victoria Allenby   

Will You Be My Friend?, by Susan Lurie, photographs by Murray Head