Goodbye, Nellie! And Thanks for Everything!

For nearly a year, residents of University Heights visited “Nellie,” a 1995 Freightliner Chassis turned Book Mobile, to check out all kinds of books, films, and other library materials. Nellie – named for popular former Heights Librarian Nell Lynch—was purchased in June 2016 by the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library System in order to provide University Heights residents access to library materials while the University Heights branch undergoes extensive renovations. With the University Heights branch scheduled to re-open late October, Nellie made her last stop on Thursday, August 31.

Since October, Nellie made regular stops throughout University Heights, including at apartment complexes, public parks, grocery stores, and other public areas. Not surprisingly, she attracted a number of loyal customers along the way.

Despite its relatively brief tenure, Nellie had a significant impact on the University Heights community. All in all, the Book Mobile made 207 stops in University Heights, served nearly 2,000 community members, and circulated over 3,200 items. For residents who grew fond of visiting her, Nellie’s last ride was bittersweet – while they’re sad to see her go, they’re also very much looking forward to the University Heights branch re-opening in October.