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FFHL Donations

The Fund for the Future of Heights Libraries (FFHL) is raising funds for the Coventry P.E.A.C.E. PARK playground replacement.

Landscape artist’s rendering of new play structures for the future renovations of the PEACE Park playground.

All funds raised will be applied to the Coventry PEACE Park Renovation.

When completed, the renovated park will include the following inclusive features:

  • A new 30 ft. long “Big Slide”
  • A 20 ft. high cardinal play structure
  • Toddler play area
  • Shaded, accessible 1/5 mile walking path
  • Performance stage
  • Half-court basketball
  • More than 100 new trees and native plants

When Heights Libraries obtained the PEACE Park property in 2018, it pledged to become a good steward of the six-acre property, which was once an elementary school. The Library has leased the building to Coventry PEACE Campus, Inc. and is now focusing on creating a fully accessible playground for use by people of all ages and abilities. We appreciate your gift!

FFHL Donation

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