Brown Beautiful Boxes

Today we read fun books about boxes! Our first book this morning was:

Not A Box, by Antoinette Portis

Not A Box

We also read: The Birthday Box, by Leslie Patricelli

The Birthday Box

We also learned a new song “I see a Box”.

I See a Box–song   (sung to “If You’re Happy and You Know It”)Someone’s at the door.  I hear knocks. (knock on something 3 times)I open up the door.  I see a box. (shout hurray)I open up the box, but the box is full of locks. (open the box to show pictures of padlocks)

I really do not want a box of locks. (say: “Better luck next time!)

***Repeat the song with socks & rocks (pulling out pictures of each item) then sing:***

Someone’s at the door.  I hear knocks. (knock on something 3 times)

I open up the door.  I see a box. (shout hurray)

I open up the box.  The box is full of blocks.

I really, really want a box of blocks! (clap and cheer)

For our craft, I gave the children plain white takeout boxes for them to decorate any way they wished. I supplied, glue, fabric scraps, foam shapes, and construction paper.  Here are a few photos.

a plain takeout box (before) he called this an “Easter basket birthday box” for his mom!

For more books about boxes please CLICK HERE!




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