Dogs Rule II

I’m just back from vacation (wonderful).  I continue to think about dogs and miss our Bouvier, Lucy. We are talking about locating our next dog now, and that is a comfort: there will be another running, barking, panting, chewing, cuddling ball of energy in our house someday fairly soon.

Apparently, I’m by no means the only dog lover around (big surprise). Coincidentally after my previous blog, I listened this week to Paul Auster on the Diane Rehm show. He was talking about his latest novel, Man in the Dark (it sounds like an intriguing book), but during the interview a caller asked him about Timbuktu and described how much she liked Mr. Bones, the dog, as the narrator. I hadn’t heard anyone mention Timbuktu in a long time, so it seemed rather serendipitous to hear Auster talk about the book.

I have just finished The Art of Racing in the Rain, a novel by Garth Stein, narrated by, of all things, a dog: Enzo. This one is the story of Denny, an aspiring race car driver, who marries Eve. Their daughter, Zoe, completes the family, and Enzo, who is adopted by Denny before his marriage, comes to accept and love Eve and Zoe as well. Various of life’s sad and difficult turns come to Denny, but Enzo is there by his side through it all. Although at moments Stein’s language and pacing seem a little forced (not always convincing as a dog’s voice), nonetheless, the story is rich and engaging. I continue to be intrigued by seeing events from the dog’s point of view. Request The Art of Racing in the Rain from Heights Libraries.

I mentioned Dodson’s The Well-Adjusted Dog earlier, and I think that is one of the best “living with your dog” books I’ve read, but an earlier series by the Monks of New Skete, including How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend, is also excellent. The Monks’ way of conceptualizing and relating to dogs is really wonderful. Give your dog an extra hug and an extra, happy walk today. And order How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend from Heights Libraries.

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