As Turkey Day approaches and we all realize we need to have entertainment ready for those staying at home or going away look to the library for last minute ideas! If Redbox is all out of that movie and the bookshelf at home doesn’t hold your attention check out these services, free to use, from your Cleveland Heights University Heights Public Library.

eMedia From Overdrive

Perhaps the best known of the eMedia services is Overdrive. Available to library customers as either an app or, on desktops computers, as a website. eMedia available includes ebooks, audio books, videos, and music. Click here to open Overdrive and start searching!

Streaming Media from Hoopla

Looking for something to watch instead? Check out the Movies, TV shows, music and more available on Hoopla! No need to worry about wifi on the plane or in the car; videos can be downloaded on mobile devices, phones and tablets, to be viewed later on. Catch up on a season of a show while in the airport or waiting for the turkey to defrost. Hoopla is available as an app for IOS, Apple TV, Android, and Amazon Fire TV. Click here to create an account on Hoopla and start streaming!

Magazines from RB Digital

Don’t feel like buying a copy of this month’s Bon Appetit just for one recipe? There are only so many copies of Good Housekeeping a person can keep in their bathroom. Solve both problems with RB Digital. Check out and read current copies of the most popular magazines in the country, and not just the cooking ones. Click here to start reading!

Learn Something New with Lynda

Need to cram in some new skills before the holiday season gets completely underway? Lynda Learning Library offers instructional videos along with interactive materials for a wide variety of subjects. Practical business skills all the way to drawing and animation how-to’s are available through the extensive Lynda database. Click here to sing in with your library card and start learning!

Consumer Reports!

Before going out to buy that new TV on Black Friday check out it’s ratings on Consumer Reports. Read full reports with your library card. Click here to get started! 

Need more help with these digital services?

Come in Monday November 20th from 7pm to 8:30 pm in the Lee Road library to speak to one of our Tech Trainers and get hands on help.

Or sign up for Reserve a Tech Expert by following this link or calling (216)-932-2600 ext 1297 to schedule 30 minutes one-on-one with a Tech Trainer.

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