What is a Learning Circle?

Learning Circles are lightly-facilitated study groups for learners who want to take online courses together, in-person. It’s kind of like a book group, but for people who want to take an online course in a group setting. People attending Learning Circles gather at the library for 90 minutes, once a week, for six weeks to take an online course together with a library staff member facilitating each session.

Why Learning Circles?
By convening a group of learners who are interested in a similar topic, you’ve got the basis for an open, collaborative learning environment that has the the potential to be the support system many learners need. A learning circle group can help adults complete online courses.


For decades, online learning has offered the potential to deliver cheap (or free!), flexible education to a large audience. As the field of online learning has increased rapidly in the past few years, many advocates have claimed that online learning and MOOCs (Mass Open Online Courses) will democratize higher education and even make universities obsolete.
However, there are several barriers that have prevented such a democratization from occurring. In order to succeed in learning online, individuals must already be web savvy, self-directed learners with a great deal of intrinsic motivation and discipline. Given this, it is not a surprise that the vast majority of those who complete online courses already have a Bachelor’s degree. The completion rate of MOOCs is very low. The average completion rate for massive open online courses is less than 7 percent according to one recent study.
Taking the course in a group setting increases understanding and completion.
For more information on Learning Circles check out P2PU. org or Library Journal!

The New Rules of Work

Tuesday, September 19 – Oct 24, 7:00-8:30 p.m., runs for 6 weeks – Computer Classroom, Lee Road

Join a study group for learners who want to complete an online course together, in person, at the library. Job seekers and current employees will learn how to remain competitive and adapt to a constantly changing work world. This six-week course will discuss networking, goal setting, adaptive problem solving, and work-life balance topics. Prerequisite: Basic computer skills.

NOTE:  1. This is a six week course. Each class will build upon the previous week’s session.

2. Course materials will be accessed through Lynda.com

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