Laura, in Cleveland Heights

I am at home with my husband and our two dogs, and we are doing okay, really. I have embraced Zoom and the fact that it lets me talk to friends all over the country. We play a lot of board games with friends (Gloomhaven, anyone?) and we’ve figured out how to do it over Discord. I held a virtual Seder last week, with friends and family from all over. The dogs think this is the best thing that has ever happened to them. Some days are harder than others. Some days I do yoga and eat well, and some days I finish work, play video games until dinner, and then stuff myself with carbs. But honestly, Before Covid, there were days like that too. So this is weird, and we are adjusting slowly, and it will be weird when things go back to “normal” too, but overall I am lucky that my friends and family are healthy and provided for, and that I can do my job from home. Plus, I’m reading lots of books – thank goodness for Libby and my Kindle!

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