Miriam, in University Heights

I’ve always said that I don’t cope, I conquer. Social distancing is nothing that new to me (I have Asperger’s syndrome), but it usually involves other people keeping their distance from me. I guess I’ve always been a bit too strange for most. I keep to my usual routine of keeping my apartment nice, reading books, listening to music, loving my cat, Freyja, and doing whatever else comes to mind. I make earrings. I like to write. I go on social media every day (most of my friends are on Facebook) and I still have an active imagination to use as a resource. I feel sad for the people who are suddenly finding themselves living under conditions for which they were not prepared, though. I’ve noticed that the media likes to call those of us who stay at home, “heores”. Not me. You who are now enduring these sudden restrictions with their attending frustrations and anxieties, you are the real heroes. Please stay strong. It only feels as if it’s lasting forever.

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