Picture Book Picks! (August)

Well, it’s the dog days of August (or so they say). Actually the weather hasn’t been too bad as of late. But enough of my small talk, lets talk about some great picture books I’ve come across lately!

The first title to catch my fancy is:



Édouard Manceau, (words & pictures)

Colorful and oddly shaped scraps of paper blow in the wind. One by one, they take shape, transforming into animals–each one with its own story to tell. But the wind has the final say when it blows them all away. This is a fun and interactive story that would also work great as a flannel board.

I recommend this for one-to-one (or two) bedtime reading and for read aloud in the library or classroom for preschool age children.

The next book is:

What is Part This, Part That?

What Is Part This, Part That

Harriet Ziefert (words); Tom Slaughter (pictures)

This is an adorable rhyming book that invites readers to guess what different parts of thing can add up to. For example, a secret’s part whisper, part keeping mum, and a certain kind of fruit is part peach and part plum (a nectarine)” This is also an interactive book that children will enjoy guessing the answers to the tiny riddles while reading.

I recommend for one-to-one reading between parent and child and for storytime  with preschool age children.

The last book I have for you today is:

Ralph Tells a Story

Ralph Tells A Story

Abby Hanlon (words and pictures)

This is such a precious story about a boy named Ralph who doesn’t think he has any stories to tell, although his teacher insists there are stories everywhere.  Ralph cannot think of any to write and becomes disheartened until his classmates help him write one.

I love the illustrations in this book, because they look like actual children’s drawings. This is longer picture book, better suited for one-to-one reading or for classroom read aloud.

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