Why scan your family photos?

Many precious memories are preserved in our family photos. However, photographs age and degrade naturally even when cared for properly. Memories can be lost due to fire, floor, or simply thrown away during a move.

Scanning or digitizing photos creates a computer file copy of the image. These digital images can be edited to restore the photograph’s original colors and quality. Saving these digital copies in multiple locations preserves your precious family memories for generations to come. Scanned images can be added to social media and other websites so family around the world can share in the memories.

Family photos are not the only things being digitized. Archives are also using scanners to preserve priceless historical photos and documents. Check out Heights Libraries’ digital archive at ohiomemory.org/cdm/landingpage/collection/p16007coll50. This collection is part of Ohio Memory, a collaborative statewide digital library program of the Ohio History Connection and the State Library of Ohio containing over 700,000 digital images.

Physical Preservation Tips
Store your photos in a cool/cold location, but not too humid. Heat accelerates the aging process so never store photographs in an attic or non-air conditioned garage

Keep your photos in a fire and flood-proof box, away from kids and pets. If you don’t have such a box, make sure to keep your photos above ground to avoid floods.

Never display or frame an original photo; instead, make a copy and display the copy. Always keep the original safely stored and away from light.

Never use albums with adhesive pages. The plastic eventually sticks to the photos and chemically reacts with the plastic sheet.

Get Signed Up

Be sure to bring family photos and a flash drive to your reservation

Interested in preserving your family’s memories?  Up coming dates and times. Registration begins two weeks before the date by calling (216)-932-3600 or online at

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Friday, July 21st 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm, 4 pm

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