Take a Cup of Kindness Yet

As the holidays up the ante on the usual hustle and bustle, remember to take the time to be kind to sales clerks, baristas, mail carriers, friends, family, and most importantly, yourself. If you need a couple hours to yourself to recharge your goodwill and cheer, then do so and pick up one of these sweet, delightful books that will help boost your mood when the winter doldrums have you down.


How to Find Love in a Bookshop by Veronica Henry

I really enjoyed this book, it’s truly a book for book people. The main characters know and love books as much as I do. It’s how this one little bookshop in a little out of the way English village touches the lives of all the people in it. It’s about love too, familial love and romantic love and is a nice reminder that there are different kinds of families and that all can be special and wonderful.

Read Alikes: The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George, The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin



The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins:

I know some people might be surprised to see this here but for people who have read it you understand why. This almost 700 page novel, often considered to be one of the first sensational novels and a mystery, both of which are true – this is also a tale of love. Walter Hartright and Marian Halcombe are two of the best characters from any book I have read this year. Their love and devotion to Laura Fairlie, Marian’s half-sister, is beyond compare. The majority of the novel is them attempting to right the wrongs done against Laura; love, perseverance, and courage of their convictions will carry them through dark times.

Other books by Wilkie Collins: The Moonstone, The Dead Secret, Poor Miss Finch


A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens:

This heart-warming and endearing Christmas story was a perfect read for me this time last year. Is there a better book out there to remind people to be the best version of themselves?  If there is I can’t think of one. Mr. Scrooge has been a mean, horrible, miserly person for most of his life until he is visited by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future. These ghosts show him the error of his ways and how his mean-spiritedness has harmed the people around him. When he wakes up Christmas morning he realizes that he still has time to change the future and become a good man. If anyone else is feeling low on goodwill and cheer right now definitely grab this book.

Other books by Charles Dickens: The Old Curiosity Shop, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Christmas Stories


A Street Cat Named Bob: How One Man and His Cat Found Hope on the Streets by James Bowen:


As the author says, “Everybody needs a break, everybody deserves that second chance.” This is the true story of how James Bowen got a second chance by rescuing an injured and sickly cat, named Bob. As a recovering addict and working as a street musician that could barely make ends meet, the last thing James needed was a pet to care for, but taking in Bob ended up saving his life. This short but sweet book will definitely reaffirm that there is some good in the world.

Other heart-warming animal tales: Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World by Bret Witter & Vicki Myron, Making Rounds with Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat by David Dosa

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