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Class 4.06: Getting to a Website

To get to a specific website:

  1. Click in the address bar, which is located at the top of browser window.
  2. If there is already a web address in the address box, delete it by using Backspace on the keyboard.
  3. Type in the web address. Remember – web addresses have no spaces in them.
  4. Press Enter on the keyboard to go to the website.

As soon as you start typing, the browser will offer suggestions. If you see the address you want, click on that suggestion and the complete address will be automatically entered into the address bar.

In Chrome, the address bar area is known as the Omnibox. It can be used to enter web addresses, but it also functions as a Google search box. Instead of going to, simply type in a search term and press Enter on the keyboard.

In the Omnibox:

  • Suggestions in blue text are webpages
  • Suggestions in black text are potential searches
Practice: To open a new browser tab and add an address, Click Here.