This is the home of Heights Libraries’ Computer Basics series. Whether you’re a student in one of our classes or just need a refresher, learn more about computers in the following classes:

Class 1: Computer & Mouse

This class covers the basics of using the mouse, including clicking, double-clicking, using scroll bars, and filling out online forms.

Class 2: The Computer

This class covers computer parts and functions, operating systems and applications, navigating the desktop, storage devices and cloud storage, and how to properly turn a computer on and off.


Class 3: Windows

This class covers the basics of the Window operating system, including organizing your computer's files and folders.

Class 4: Using the Internet

This class covers understanding the Internet and the World Wide Web, navigating online, and using a web browser.


Class 5: Internet Access

This class covers accessing the Internet, types of Internet service, setting up an Internet connection, and downloading and uploading.

Class 6: Downloading and Uploading

This class covers the basics of downloading and uploading files and using a flash drive.


Class 7: Searching the Web

This class covers the basics of searching the web, including what search engines are and how to use them, tips for effective Web searching, evaluating search results, printing from the Web, and web form practice.

Class 8: Computer & Internet Security

This class covers how to stay safe online, including password protection, email security, and avoiding identity theft, computer viruses and scams.



Handouts and downloads for all of our classes.