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Class 5.09: The Cloud

Another way to transfer files from one computer to another is cloud storage.

Files stored using the cloud are not saved to a physical external storage device. Instead, they are uploaded via the Internet to remote servers.

Because the files are stored remotely, they are able to be accessed from most devices with Internet access. Cloud storage can provide access to a variety of data including email, files, photos, calendars, and more. Most things that can be saved on a computer can be saved in cloud storage.

A simple example of cloud storage is email. Emails and attached files are not saved on your home computer. Because they are saved on remote servers, email can be accessed on library, school and work computers or even using a smartphone or tablet!


Google Drive

Microsoft OneDrive

Services like Google Drive or OneDrive can be helpful when collaborating on a document. Documents are able to be shared and edited by multiple users at the same time.