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Class 7.06: Evaluating Search Results

Be aware – just because it is on the Internet does not mean it is true. Anyone is able to post information on a website that can be found via a search engine.

Search engines do not judge websites on their accuracy, but rather on the number of time people have clicked on a link.

When evaluating a website’s accuracy, consider the following things:

  • Who created the website? Look for an About page.
  • Why was this site created? Is it biased toward a particular view point? Is it trying to sell something?
  • Cross reference information with other websites. More sources = a more accurate picture.
  • When was the website last updated? Information can change quickly.

Also, be aware that many search engines include paid ads at the top of the results page. On Google, these ads are marked with the word ‘Sponsored’ next to the link.