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Class 8.09: Passwords

Your password protects your personal information from others, just like the locks on your home. Creating a strong password is the most important way to keep your online information safe.

When creating a strong password, do NOT:

  • Use consecutive numbers or letters such as 12345678 or abcdefg
  • Use the word password or a common word such as dog or cat that can be found in a dictionary
  • Use your pet’s name, your name, your spouse’s name, or a family member’s name as your password
  • Use the same password for all of your online accounts
  • Your favorite hobby or sports team name is a good choice as your password
  • Use numbers you know such as your phone number, street address number, birthdate, anniversary date or Social Security number


  • Create a unique password for each online account
  • Use a combination of Upper Case and lower case letters as well as numbers and even symbols (such as the @ sign) in your passwords
  • It’s a good idea to create a password as long as 14 characters or longer
  • Use a Pass Phrase. A pass phrase is used as the password. It can be a string of words, a part of a quotation, or song lyrics. The pass phrase includes the spaces between words.Examples: The times they are a’changing or This is gonna be the best day
  • Test your password at How Secure Is My Password

Note: passwords are case sensitive. This means that if you use a Capital Letter, you must always Capitalize that letter or the password will not work.